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EASTN DC Project Launch

Very excited to be a participant in this project.

The EASTN-DC project builds on the strength of a long-standing European partnership.

The aim is to extend it considerably in terms of consortium, objectives, means of action and impact, in order to establish a European network on a sustainable basis on the theme of digital creativity by combining artistic dimensions, scientific and technological, pedagogical, dissemination and valorisation. The construction of the EASTN-DC consortium and actions focuses on :

  1. Agile collaboration between the 5 clusters : Research - Creation - Pedagogy - Sharing - Economy ;

  2. The three "hot issues" of re-tangibility, formats, and technology-philia-phobia.


EASTN-DC brings together 17 partners, including 14 from 10 European countries and 3 from countries outside Europe. The partners were chosen by the EASTN-DC network for their complementarity in relation to :

  • the 5 poles : Research - Creation - Pedagogy - Sharing - Economy,

  • the variety of artistic fields they cover,

  • the originality of their core business and know-how,

  • the types of institutions,

  • their experience in collaborative projects,

  • the variety of their audiences and collaborators,

  • the cultures and histories of their countries in the Art-Science-Technology context.

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